Our day out at Kew Gardens London. 
— My sister was visiting from Germany, and as it was such a wet day we decided to go Kew Gardens London to see the orchids on display. We arrived via Richmond Station, which is only a short 5 minute walk away, and got there 10 minutes after it opened at 9.30am.

When it is raining it is so easy to hop on and off the land train that goes round all day (day ticket £4 p/person). Even so, at Kew Gardens London you don’t have to let the British wet weather spoil your day out!! Man it up! Lol

kew gardens london flyerFor us, it would have been an even greater day out had the rains stopped, even just for 30 minutes or so. But it rained the entire day.

Large areas of crocus would have been blooming too had it been a sunny day, but the flowers were all closed up to keep the rain water out.

Visiting Kew’s Palm House on such a cold damp day was most welcome. In fact, it was warm inside all the conservatories and not too humid either.

Except some zones in the Prince of Wales Conservatory with cacti, ferns, orchids and carnivorous plants had a higher tropical humidity. It was bearable, but wrapped up in winter layers it started to feel uncomfortable staying inside those zones for too long.

It wasn’t very peaceful as we walked round the conservatories. The bird song audio was being drowned out by the many noisy school groups taking the guided tours. But the tour guides seemed very good at holding their attention…for a while anyway!

We have scheduled a return visit to Kew Gardens London to see the spring blossom, Azaleas and Magnolia garden, and go up on the Treetop Walkway 18 meters up. It was raining too hard to be bothered to go up on the walkway this visit, and I doubt the views would have been exciting with low cloud across London. I hugged a wet tree instead! 😀

kew gardens london map

Click on Kew Gardens London map to view at a larger size.

I could go on and on, but we all had an enjoyable day out here. We had a tasty lunch in the Orangery Restaurant too!

On the way out we looked in the Kew Gardens shop. It has many interesting things, but as was to be expected with it being Kew Gardens, all things sell at tourist rip off prices! …£4 for a tiny 150g pack of bon bons! Sheesk!! Go on, treat yourself!! 😉

This is a really cool place, but I think that Kew Gardens London are too big to do them all in a day. If you want stop and really appreciate nature’s beauty then several visits are needed.

Hopefully, the sun will shine next time for me…and for your visit too!! 🙂

PS: Kew’s smartphone app is available for download on iTunes App Store  You can also take an interactive journey around the wonders of Kew with David Attenborough as your guide. Download the app in iTunes App Store

Kew Gardens London Spring Flowers

Here’s a handful of orchids and other flower photos for you to enjoy….

kew gardens london tropical 6
kew gardens london orchids
kew gardens tropical 7
kew gardens tropical 5
kew gardens tropical 4
kew gardens tropical 3
kew gardens tropical-2
kew gardens tropical 1
kew gardens orchids 7
kew gardens orchids 6
kew gardens orchids 5
kew gardens orchids 4
kew gardens orchids 3
kew gardens orchids 2
kew gardens orchids 1

Kew Greenhouse Cafe near Kew Gardens London

After we left Kew Gardens around 4pm we went for tea and cake at the nearby Kew Greenhouse Cafe. I had the delicious Florentine cake and my sister the lemon meringue, but I had a mouthful of it too and it was really yummy! Good food in a cafe that has plastic table cloths! Now there’s a first for me!! Lol

Kew gardens london - florentine cake

Florentine Cake at the Kew Greenhouse Cafe near Kew Gardens London

Kew Gardens London - lemon merange

Lemon merange  at the Kew Greenhouse Cafe near Kew Gardens London

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Written by Ollie
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