I didn’t set out to take organic MSM for some kind of beauty regime. My goal was to take MSM as part of a three-product detox and cardiovascular system tune-up — A heart health program designed to melt and flush away the calcified plaque clinging to the artery walls, improve circulation, promote good health and halt the aging process. But that’s a post for another time!

This post is MY TESTIMONIAL of the health benefits experienced while taking ultra-pure organic MSM.

The positive things I noticed while taking organic MSM included; detoxification, smoother skin, brighter complexion, thicker hair, stronger nails, sore muscle recovery after endurance sports, reduced inflammation and allergies, healing of old scar tissue, softening of lines and wrinkles….. More on all these in a minute, but first a bit about the organic mineral itself…

What Is Sulfur?

Sulfur is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body. It comprises 0.25% of body weight. It is most concentrated in muscles, skin, and bones. Sulfur is so essential to life that it is a component of every cell and plays an indispensable role in maintaining proper functions of the body. Many nutrients need sulfur to synthesize more efficiently. However, neither plants, animals or humans can absorb elemental sulfur directly in its inorganic form.

What Is Organic MSM?

MSM is an abbreviation of MethylSulfonylMethane – It’s not the smelly pale yellow inorganic form of sulfur that we became familiar with in a school chemistry lab, but the pure, natural, white organic sulfur without the unpleasant smell or taste. Organic MSM is the type of sulfur that your body can easily absorb.

MSM is not a drug. It is a natural compound that exists in all trees and many plants. It can be derived from many animal proteins and vegetables, such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, grains, legumes, onions, garlic, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, and broccoli. But it’s during the food preparation process that most of this beneficial dietary element becomes lost in the washing, cooking or steaming.

My Ultra-Pure Organic MSM Results

I can’t remember exactly how many days after I had started taking EPXbody’s Ultra Pure MSM that I started to notice subtle differences in my body. But it was sometime between the second and third week that I started to pick up on things. The first thing I noticed was a feeling of detoxification.


Alternative Health experts recommend a daily MSM rate of 2,000mg-6,000mg. But the optimum effective dosage will depend on body size, age, and severity of condition you are treating.

I read that as we age our body’s MSM concentration declines, so by using supplementation we can help prevent becoming deficient in certain minerals.

Unsure how I would react to organic MSM, I started slow and steadily increased dosage to give my body time to adjust.

It was when on the higher dosage that I began to notice subtle differences.

I also felt the urge to drink much more water than normal. But it’s good to drink more water because MSM is a potent anti-oxidant that helps to cleanse the blood stream and flush toxins trapped in our cells to reduce inflammation and pain.

I felt so much better after a period of detoxification. Detoxing the body of harmful toxins is something everyone should do regularly.

Healthy Skin, Clear Youthful Complexion

During my organic MSM research, I learned that Sulfur is often referred to as being nature’s “beauty mineral” because it’s needed for healthy cell function, to keep the hair glossy and smooth, and keeps the complexion clear and youthful.

Organic MSM is needed for making collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and the most dominant component of tissue and bone. It’s what gives our skin its elasticity.

 Among the first things I noticed was my skin felt much more soft and silky.

My skin had become blotchy and damaged by too much hot sun exposure and certain mineral deficiencies. After being on organic MSM for a while people started to comment on my complexion looking noticeably more healthy. They’d noticed before I did! Go figure! Lol

Stronger Hair And Nails

My nails grow about a sixteenth to an eighth of an inch per month. The effects of organic MSM on them was not immediately noticeable because they were not soft or brittle.

But while taking MSM my nails became even stronger. This is because our nails comprise ninety-eight percent Keratin, a tough protein with high sulfur content. There’s more to it than that, but I’m not the expert on amino acids and protein building blocks!

My fine hair — I don’t always have a shaved head — became thicker too because the presence of Keratin gave it more strength and body. I started to notice the slight difference in just a couple of weeks of consistent use.

Muscle Soreness And Cramps

I like mountain biking on the South Downs Way, it has some really stunning views of the beautiful English countryside.

After I’ve been riding up hills and along trails all day my muscles feel physically stressed. It would normally take a couple of days to get back to feeling completely normal and energized.

But since I started taking the organic MSM, I found that it eliminated my post ride aches, pains and muscle soreness. On nights following particularly long rides, when taking MSM I had no leg cramps to wake me up either!

South Downs Way

South Downs Way near Ditchling Beacon

Reduced Inflammation, Improved Circulation

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been taking organic MSM to improve the general state of my arteries and blood vessels, and to halt, or even reverse, the aging process.

I’ve been taking MSM alongside THRIVE which contains L-arginine and L-citruline to in perfect ratio to create Nitic Oxide (NO) — known as the miracle molecule’ because it’s efficient at melting away the calcified plaque on your artery walls. It is this plaque in your arteries which leads to heart disease.

I take MSM in combination with Thrive to break down the calcification that is frequently the root cause of inflammation. MSM helps the new cells be more pliable and give my arteries and blood vessels more youthful elasticity.

For this, I noted the health experts recommend taking 5,000 mg or 7,500 mg and allow it to work over a period of many months. The same applies for the Thrive.

Banishing Sneezing, Hayfever Allergies

One of the other things I quickly noticed when on the higher MSM dosage was the therapeutic effect for relief from springtime allergies. I had stopped sneezing completely!!

I had previously been taking stabilized allicin in a synergistic formula with Ester-C and Beta-1,3-D-glucan which worked marvels. Sadly, the company that supplied the immune boosting product pulled it from the market due to the manufacture having business issues. So this springtime I tried organic MSM to see if it relieved my hayfever symptoms. And to my amazement, it worked!!

Scar Tissue Healing

I have a number of scars resulting from minor accidents to those caused by more severe road accidents. Some healed flat and firm and left little sign of injury. Others resulted in a tissue overgrowth and left a raised scar on my skin.

It was while doing my research that I learned that it is beneficial to take Vitamin C in combination with MSM — more on that is a second. But it encourages the new cells to be more pliable and permeable, allowing fluids to pass through the tissue more easily leading to the repair of damaged skin. Some of my lesser scars that were still visible prior to starting on MSM have now almost disappeared. I’ve also noticed some hairline wrinkles on my skin have faded away too! 🙂

Some of my lesser scars that were still visible prior to starting on MSM have now almost disappeared. I noticed some hairline wrinkles on my skin have faded away too! 🙂

Organic MSM with Vitamin C

While taking organic MSM I bumped my Vitamin C intake. I learned this helpful suggestion in the MSM books I purchased on Amazon (see below).

In a nutshell, the body uses MSM along with Vitamin C to create new, healthy cells, and it’s the MSM that provides the flexible bond between the cells.

Without proper levels of MSM, our bodies are unable to build healthy cells, and this leads to problems such as lost flexibility, wrinkles, varicose veins, scar tissue, hardened arteries, dry cracking skin, digestive disorders, joint aches, and inability to defend against allergic reactions from airborne viruses, environmental toxins, and toxins in our food.

A New Life Thanks To Organic MSM!

So there you have it. Supplementation with organic MSM is beneficial in many ways. I listed the key benefits in an earlier blog post called 7 MSM Benefits – What You Need To Know About This Miracle Supplement

But to recap, organic MSM is a nutritional form of sulfur which is an essential component in the formation of collagen, elastin, cartilage, and keratin. It gives flexibility, tone, and strength to your muscles, bones, joints, internal membranes (especially the skin), hair and nails.

Where To Buy Organic MSM?

Organic MSM - sulfurI recommend EPXbody Ultra Pure MSM  because it also contains AstraGin to greatly increase the absorption of nutrients by the body.

You can buy the MSM 2 bottle pack as a Preferred Customer, or sign-up as Distributor to buy the MSM 2 bottle pack. Get yourself on the product, and let your body be adjusting to this miracle organic nutrient.

Then, when you need to order more product, I recommend buying the better value MSM 6 pack because that pack is only listed for sale in the online back office store once you are registered.

You can, of course, buy an MSM 6 pack as a first order by phoning the EPXbody office on 1-888-216-3575 or 1-801-206-4178 Monday–Thursday 9am-5pm MST, Friday 9am-2pm MST. Give them my ID: OLLIE to credit the sale because they can’t accept phone orders or registration without a referring distributor ID.

Buy Epxbody Ultra Pure MSM

Organic MSM Books On Amazon

Organic MSM

The MSM Miracle

At only 48 pages this booklet is a lite read, but it’s a very informative.

Organic MSM

The Miracle of MSM: The Natural Solution for Pain

A comprehensive book all about organic MSM.

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