How to use Pinterest

It’s no secret that without a method to effectively drive consistent traffic to your website or blog your online business will be getting nowhere fast. Whilst there are many other methods for generating endless free leads without becoming obsessed with traffic generation strategies (or even needing a website or blog), Pinterest has become one of the simplest ways for quick traffic generation.

For many network marketers Pinterest has risen to be above Google, Facebook and Twitter as their #1 traffic source to boost sales. And it’s not hard to figure out why…people love to look at pretty pictures!!!

So today I thought I would share with you how to drive traffic to your blog with my Pinterest traffic method. This is the same traffic generation strategy that the pros use and will charge you up to $397 per month fee for their Pinterest pinning services. I have already shared this Pinterest traffic strategy with my EPX Body Team and are sharing it with you to for free. 🙂

Step 1: Getting Started On Pinterest

The first thing you need to do is open a Pinterest account.

Tip: You will want to set up both a personal Pinterest profile and your Pinterest business account to get double the exposure. I pin from one account to the other at different times of the day to reach a different audience.

Step 2: Create Your Pinterest Boards

The next step is to make 5 to 10 boards that are related to your marketplace. Unlike the marketing strategies you use elsewhere that have a more narrow focus on your niche, here on Pinterest you want to be slightly more broader in appeal.

For example if say your business is premium health and nutrition products, then you may want to create a board on a specific health topic, nutrition tips, fitness or industry news within a specific product niche. If say you are more focused on promoting your business opportunity then you might create a board that has motivational, inspirational or even aspirational lifestyle content, or perhaps create a board with more entrepreneurial content. The main thing is to get started because you will expand your boards repertoire as you discover new content sources.

How To Use Pinterest Boards

The list of boards you can create are endless. It is also a good idea to have boards with other interesting stuff too because people search Pinterest to discover new things by random chance. If you only ever talk about things that you are selling you will never attract any following. So having a wider scope of interesting boards appeals to more people. You will end up having a lot of boards as you scale up your pinning activities.

Step 3: Pinning Content

The next step is to add at least 10-20 pins of content to each of your boards. You should aim to do this step before you start to promote your own content and do your daily pinning routine. If you only have a few pins on each board, why would anyone want to follow your board at this point? You need some pinned content up there to attract people to you. So, you need to go through and find other pins on Pinterest and repin them onto your own boards.

If you need help on where to start… Think lifestyle.

Who does your ideal audience listen to? Who are their industry insiders?
What magazines, newspapers, and books do they read?
What do they like to do, drink, eat, and travel?
Are they health and fitness conscious or family focused?

You can do searches within Pinterest to find pins, boards, and pinners based on the keywords you’ve chosen for your niche. Use the following search string to find things within Google:

Google Pinterest Search String

If you still don’t know, check the Everything, Popular, or Category sections of Pinterest to find popular pins to get some great ideas.

how to use pinterest - categories

Tip: Most mainstream magazines (particularly women’s magazines) have Pinterest boards with very large numbers of followers. Start there if you feel you are still getting stuck.


I add around 20 pins daily to each business and personal accounts. I also link a few of those pins back to my own content.

When I was starting out I discovered that I needed to be more of a ‘power pinner’ before considering dropping back to a maintenance mode pinning routine. I don’t think there is a definite number of pins you need to make, but a few pins a day certainly isn’t going to cut it, and neither are 10 pins unless it’s really good fresh content you are pinning yourself or re-pinning. That said, you might have a proactive Twitter following that repins everything you tweet. You have to find out works best for you.

Note: During my initial tests I had a Pinterest account temporary suspended for pinning my own stuff too aggressively. I think it was more to do with the type of content I was pinning all looking too similar with the same branding style, and also doing too many pins in the one session. Whatever the real reason, it was being perceived by admin as being promotional, which of course is against Pinterest policies. So the lesson to be learned here, is to spread it out over a period of days, especially if it is heavily branded imagery you are pinning.


Step 4: Start Following Interesting People

The next step is to go out and start following interesting people that are related to your niche. Do Like their pins, repin their content and directly follow them (more about direct following in a second). If you really like something then leave them a short praise comment too as people will click through to your boards! Do this last action step and you’ll really begin to start standing out from the pinner crowd. 🙂

Now, when you pinning other people’s content, you’re going to have people coming back to your profile, checking your boards out, maybe pinning your stuff too because Pinterest notified them of your presence when you pinned their pin. They get a little notification that says, ‘Dave re-pinned your pin.’ And they’ll come and check out your profile, and hopefully some of them will follow you at that point. If you’ve done the above step of seeding your boards with some good content you will easily get pins.

Note: I have tried holding conversations on Pinterest by making a praise comment and finishing by asking a question like “how long have you been on Pinterest?” to break the ice. Then to whatever response comes back asked… What do you do? …What does that entail? ..How long have you done it? etc, etc… While this works fine on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, and to a lesser extent Google+ too, but on Pinterest I have found that not many convos continued passed the first response. When replies are just one or two worded answers, it usually means I’m talking to the wrong people anyway. So Pinterest is not like Twitter where total strangers are up for a chat. I’m still experimenting on this and currently trying push people to connect on Twitter/FB before asking questions to sort and sift. I thought I’d share my thoughts out there on this.


how to use pinterest

Step 5: Develop A Daily Pinning Routine

Now that you are beginning to crank up your Pinterest marketing activity, you are going to want to start pinning daily. One of the good things about Pinterest is that people will find and pin your stuff that you may have pinned months back. It’s not like Facebook or Twitter where content exposure is very short lived, like one to two days tops! Stuff on Pinterest will still be found months and months later. It just lives on and on, and as there are no dates set when pins are made, it will always appear to be fresh content to a new pinner. 🙂

Even so, that’s not to say you want to just do a few pins and forget about your boards. Pinterest is all about volume. One pin a day just isn’t going to do it either. The more pins and repins you are making the more your spikes in traffic will keep on growing. So you need to schedule 10-25 minutes a day for some power pinning activity.

What is so neat about Pinterest is that 80% of the content is really just repins from other people. You don’t need to come up with 20 new things yourself to pin every single day to populate your boards. All you’ve got to do is login to Pinterest, do a search on a topic that interests you (and your audience) and then repin other people’s stuff. Those people are going to get that notification of your repins. So, they’re going to come and check out your cool stuff too. They may or may not follow you back, but many will repin your stuff to start spreading your content throughout the Pinterest ecosphere.

Step 6: Create A Viral Graphic

At least once a week create a couple of graphic images that will link to web properties you own like a website, blog, capture page or Facebook page.

The simplest things to create are quote pins and tutorial/infographic/collage. However, I have noticed that at certain times of the day the number of people pinning quotes does become high. I guess there must be a psychological time for it, much like chocolate seems to becomes extra popular at around 8 pm. The more you are living and breathing Pinterest, the more little things you will start to notice!! OCD!! 😀

jim rohn quote

I have Photoshop and Illustrator software so I can make quote pins look fancy in seconds, but since most people do not own any high end image editing program, here are few free alternatives that you can uses to create your simple graphics to pin.

Quozio – This is very simple for making quotes, but somewhat limited on image styling. After you have made you pin you will need to go in and edit the pin to change the link to your own.

Share as Image – Very limited free trial unless upgrade to paid product for $6.99/year

Wordle – Very easy for creating graphic word clouds. (If your OS is Windows 8 it might not work as browser requires a Java Applet plugin).

Someecards – Create your own humorous ecard images

Polyvore – Create a collage.

Meme Generator – Very popular in certain markets and quick to create

Image Editors – Online image editors for use in your browser

Note: While creating my own graphics I have noticed that images that contain text that hint what the linked content is about seem to perform much better at getting repins. I believe the reason is our brains can scan images much quicker than stopping to read the comment blurb underneath.

Step 7: Create a Collaborative Board

I have yet to explore this strategy myself, but others who have say it works well when there are a group of people all united with a common goal. I have had a group of people each pin my stuff to a collaborative board. Every pin had the same hashtag, so they were obviously more intent on being found and dominating search for a particular keyphrase.

Pinterest Master Classes

I came across these three interview videos which more or less backs up what I have just written. They are worth watching because you will pick up some great info nuggets about using Pinterest effectively.

Pinterest Master Class 1

Pinterest Master Class 2

Pinterest Master Class 3

Get Pinning For Traffic And Sales!!

In summary, to get the best out of Pinterest as a traffic source you need to pin at least 20 pins daily and make a few pins of cool stuff that link back to you. You need be consistent with your pinning activity, because the way this all works is you generally flatline for a while and then someone pins one of your pins, and then you get some repinning and repinning, and then all of a sudden you get a big spike in traffic. Then it dies down again. So, the more and more pins you have, the more frequent the spikes in traffic occur. Hence the need to be pinning consistently and building towards reaching a point of critical mass where you’ve got an ongoing upward trend to almost become a self-perpetuating traffic machine.

So that’s what I have found works best for me with Pinterest, and I hope these ideas will get you started with your own pinning strategy. Please take a moment to check out some of my cool pins and my home business sponsor EPX Body, but here’s a funny Pinterest video that will keep you amused!

Written by Ollie
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