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Tom “Big Al Schreiter” Network Marketing Recruiting Ice Breakers ScriptsI don’t recommend many network marketing recruiting books because I find the contents are usually more about selling the vision of leveraging direct sales than giving practical “how to” recruiting tips. Those that do show a practical way, either only scratch the surface and leave you wanting more or are too old school for today’s mobile world.

But before I get into how an $3.15 Kindle e-book by “Big Al” Schreiter provided me with an exact network marketing recruiting formula to dramatically increased my sales and sign-ups, let’s begin by taking a look at the problem I was trying to solve.

The 3 biggest reasons why most network marketers fail.

– They do not believe it’s possible.
– They do not have the skills they need.
– They do not have enough people to talk to every single day!!

As you might guess, all that has changed with technology and social media. There are billions of people on social networks that you can easily reach out to at any time, day or night, to make a sale or sign-up a new recruit, daily. The process is easy once you know how…or to be more precise, KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY!

But there’s just one small catch, if you want to succeed in network marketing online, you’re going to have to improve upon your marketing skills and COMMUNICATION skills first.

Let’s face it, there is a steep internet marketing learning curve to go through before you can begin to improve on your sales conversions and build your perfect list.

But here’s the thing … in my time in the field two things quickly became clear:

– Many people lack the will to invest in furthering their education.
– Many people do not have the resources to buy training materials.

In fact, even those who do have the resources discover that the road to becoming a successful internet network marketer takes longer than envisaged. It takes many hours of hard work, creating, testing and investment to create a perfect marketing funnel that converts.

Which brings me to my next point about ease of DUPLICATION.

Let me explain…

Network marketing is the business of duplication. The simpler the process / system is to duplicate, the quicker you can manifest a large organization to earn residual income that will support your dream lifestyle.

It’s true. There are a ton of free training materials that can be found online through a Google search. Many excellent high ticket boot camps and mentorship programs like EMP (Elite Marketing Pro) and home study e-courses that will equip you with the necessary Attraction Marketing skills and insider mlm blogging secrets to keep your prospecting efforts on the right track. But this is really just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to it!

There’s also one fundamental problem, as I see it, is that blogging is all about building an audience. It’s one way communication. I produce some content and push it to you hoping to gain trust and maybe, just maybe, you’ll take the next step and opt-in to my list or buy my product.

The Internet has become so much more about community where people share and engage with each other now.

As network marketers we want to get to know the people who may buy our products or join our opportunity. So we need to think beyond blogging to elicit 2-way conversations versus one-way.

To do this we need to use Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter  or Google+ to interact. But depending on which guru you listen to, even promoting on these platforms adds a ton more work to your already busy schedule.

The truth is, most of the things I just mentioned do indeed work. Trouble is, they only work if you have the time and money to learn exactly how. And that’s where things start to fall apart. People quit before they’ve learned what they need to know and do to become successful.

And like I said, in the current tough economy people are hurting and need to put money in their pocket today, not after months of internet marketing training on how to become a successful blogger or become an expert at setting up lead capture pages, making videos, generating traffic, split testing, etc., etc.

Okay, now that you understand the problem…

Let’s get back to the purpose of this post, the Ice Breakers e-book and its secret network marketing recruiting formula I mentioned at the beginning.

You see, the only real difference between people who have UNLIMITED PROSPECTS in network marketing and those who don’t is WHAT THEY SAY!

If you know the exact words to say then you can control the direction of any conversation and people will end up exactly where you want them in your sales funnel – It’s a rejection free process!

Far fetched? Not at all. As network marketers, we already know what we want. We’re motivated. We’re super positive. We have all the attributes required to become a success.

The only things we don’t have are the necessary skills of knowing exactly what to say and exactly what to do to tap into the billions of prospects that use social networks every day. Heck, this one skill can decide your network marketing success and size of your income!

Now, before I stumbled across Tom “Big Al Schreiter’s” e-book, “Ice Breakers! How to get any prospect to beg you for a presentation”, I had already traveled down this road after completing a network marketing ‘Social Media Recruiting’ home study course.

I was achieving success using their scripts on Facebook and Linkedin, getting new sign-ups and customers almost daily. The process really does work….BUT ONLY IF YOU DO!!

Now, remember those two factors I mentioned earlier that slowed down my duplication?

Well, the fact is, while I was seeing success, and those that purchased the same ecourse and scripts as me were getting great results too, those who didn’t have the resources to buy them failed and became attrition in my business. So I needed to find a cheaper alternative for people to work smart.

And so began my quest on Google. I searched all the network marketing gurus and internet marketing trainers to see what they were teaching their teams. Eventually I found what I was searching for with Big Al’s Kindle e-book. I adopted his simple secret formula to fit whichever social platform I was prospecting on.

Tom “Big Al Schreiter” Network Marketing Recruiting Ice Breakers ScriptsSo instead of wishful thinking, take a look.

You’ll be glad to know that something that costs only a few dollars is amazing value. A gem of gems. Packed with practical scripts and no-nonsense nuggets of information that make the process of prospecting strangers easy.

I recommend that every network marketer should get themselves a copy of “Ice Breakers! How to get any prospect to beg you for a presentation” by Big Al Schreiter.

Here’s the link.



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