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I was talking to someone the other day who is struggling in their network marketing business, and I asked, “do you use any Facebook Scripts?”

Actually, to say this guy is struggling would be putting it lightly. The truth is he’s recently lost his job, he’s the sole financial provider for his family, and even though he desires to build up his income with his own home business, the results so far have only provided a trickle of business.

He desperately needs quality targeted leads, he desperately needs to know how to connect with these leads, communicate with these leads and how to turn them into sales…

Okay, I’ll hit the pause button here…

You see, his story resonated with my own early struggles in network marketing.

In fact, it’s an incredibly common reality that many people new to network marketing have to overcome if they want big and lasting success.

Everyone struggles sometimes in ANY business. Most people have serious trouble producing leads for their network marketing business, and let’s face it, if you’re having trouble with generating leads then making sales becomes difficult as well.

Do any of these sound familiar?

– I am having a really hard time getting my business started.
– I feel overwhelmed and confused about starting a business.
– I can’t figure out how to get targeted leads.
– I don’t understand how to get people to buy my stuff!
– How can I make money from my business?

If you’ve felt stuck lately when it comes to building YOUR network marketing business, chances are you’ve thought of some of these same things too.

As someone who once struggled with making real progress in my NWM business, what I learned could completely transform and turn your struggling business around.

Here’s what I discovered…

Top Income Earners Facebook Strategies

Network Marketing Facebook ScriptsThe fastest growing top earners in most network marketing companies will tell you they owe their huge success to social media.

But they don’t really tell you exactly how they’re doing it unless you’re on their team.

You see, the network marketing Generals don’t want outsiders to know about their little Facebook strategies that can explode your home business exponentially too.

Facebook has nearly 1.86 billion people, and recently passed the milestone of one billion people using the social network on a single day. It is the No.1 place to find targeted MLM prospects for your opportunity and products.

I personally love the idea of prospecting and recruiting online using simple but effective methods and the power of social media.

The thought of just going onto my laptop, mobile device or smartphone and within 50 minutes of activity find targeted leads, make the right connection and close them into a sale without any headaches…sounded really fun!

But like most things in life (and in business), there’s a little more to it. To save time it helps if you have a working blueprint, a proven system, in place to make your recruiting efforts more productive.

The Secret Social Media Formula – 4 Key Steps To Recruiting Success

Here’s the secret, I quickly learned the simple formula to recruit through social media was in 4 Key Steps:

  1. Profile positioning and branding yourself to attract prospects by using curiosity and lifestyle images.
  2. Targeting your ideal prospect based on personality types to find low maintenance, high-value people.
  3. Relationship and rapport building by asking questions.
  4. Being a problem solver and getting them on the phone

The first two Keys are straightforward enough to carry out by sharing curated content and adding a sentence or two in your own voice, and targeted prospects can be found “at will” by using search phrases in Facebook Graph Search.

But here’s the thing with Keys 3 and 4, many new people don’t know what to say and in what order to say it. As they try to build rapport they put people off by coming across as being an aggressive salesman or spammer type, or like a desperate amateur who doesn’t know what they’re doing. All of which makes the process of duplication difficult to gain momentum.

The good news is, there is a solution!  Read on…

Facebook Scripts – A Blueprint To Grow Your Business Faster

If you can quickly learn how to talk to prospects, then your business will grow faster, it’s a given!

Here’s where a social online tutorial system that trains people in a visual format can slash the learning time, along with providing a working blueprint that will teach you:

Techniques, Scripts, and Processes for the person that’s just getting started and how to properly create and use their warm list for Rejection Free Selling.

For Seasoned Pros – Advanced Techniques that will revitalize your inactive people by breathing life back into their warm list.

You see, it’s important to learn how to get a person’s story before you rush in with your alternative solution. It’s called building trust. By using scripts/questions to “break the ice” you can get prospects from social media to the phone/to a meeting. Then use scripts to close.

Sounds cool, right?

But here’s the thing, it’s not just about YOU acquiring the KNOWLEDGE, if you want to create momentum in your business then your new recruits need to learn these valuable business building skills too.

The network marketing generals already know this, and will always offer their own or third-party training tools and systems to speed up your learning curve.

Facebook recruiting scripts

Download The FREE Social Media Recruiting Frenzy eBook

The bottom line… with the right Facebook scripts and tutorial system you’ll have everything you need to become a “Prospecting Master“. In less than an hour, you can possess the KNOWLEDGE to reach out and touch more people than you could have ever imagined to build a growing, thriving business on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and any other social network that interests you.

NOW…That I’ve got your attention, your next step is to:

1. Download the FREE Social Media Recruiting Frenzy eBook of Sales Techniques, Proven Scripts, Strategies AND Qualifying Questions to make sales every day on Facebook.

2. Read more about the Social Media Recruitment Home Study Course and discover how to leverage social media recruiting tactics to attract a never-ending flow of red hot prospects with Facebook.

Whatever you do, don’t put it off. Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking for an immediate boost in sales or if you’re brand new to social media recruitment and want to kick-start your success, this is for you.

It’s no secret that the best marketers are lifelong learners and fast action takers.

If you haven’t downloaded your copy yet, what are you waiting for?

Social Media Recruiting Frenzy eBook

A goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot.
— Joe Vitale
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