Take Your Network Marketing Career To The Next Level, My Top-8 Candid Posts On EPXbody

In case you missed them, here are my Top-8 candid EPX Body posts that you need to read. If you are serious about a starting your network marketing career, I will also show you how you can get tax breaks (free money!) and make extra income out of the EPXbody home based business opportunity and at the end. Follow the EPX Body 6 Month Plan to success!

Note: These EPXbody posts are not listed in any particular order of importance other than what seemed to make logical sense…to me anyway!!

1. The Ultimate Guide To Nutritional Body Cleansing

Before you start on any weight loss program or add supplements to your diet, it makes sense to first cleanse your system of toxins, parasites and the compacted waste matter that clings to the walls of your intestines. This will not only make you feel more healthy, but will help your body to absorb more of the nutrients you consume.

What you will learn in this post is how to detox and cleanse your body of toxins.

Being passionate about EPXbody products I did write a follow-up post called “How to Detox and Cleanse Your Body of Toxins – See What the Experts Recommend” that drills down on the EPXbody Detox tea (an enhanced formula of Dr. Miller’s popular Holy Tea) plus a couple of great audio replays by Dr. Steve Foster and Dr. Carol Helerstein.

2. The 5 Pillars To Weight Loss Body Transformation

The inspiration for this post came from a weekly EPXbody Challenge call hosted by CEO Dan Putnam and Co-Founder Matt Miller of The Biggest Loser Show fame who lost over 150 pounds. I enjoy recording these and sharing with my international EPXbody team.

In this post you will learn the five fundamental pillars to achieving and maintaining your weight loss goals:

  1. Psychology
  2. Diet
  3. Nutrition
  4. Supplementation
  5. Accountability

The next couple of  posts worth mentioning because they build on one of the 5 Pillars – Supplementation.

3. Little Known Ways on How To Reset Your Metabolism, Lose 8 Lbs in 8 Days, Get in Shape and Get Paid to do it.

In this post you will learn about the Dick Gregory 8 Day Metabolism Reset Plan and the Dick Gregory Signature Series product line. EPXbody are giving the average person a simple yet powerful way to get in shape, feel great, and get paid to do it.

4. Lose 5 lbs In 5 Days! Sip This Organic Herbal Detox Plus Tea To Get Results Fast.

In this post you will learn the benefits of drinking EPXbody Detox Plus herbal tea to:
a) detox your body system from intestinal parasites and toxins
b) to aid to weight loss goals

There have been many great detox testimonials from people on a teatox and losing 8lbs in 8 days!

5. Best Cardio Tips You Will Read This Year

  • Heart Disease Is The Number #1 Killer Worldwide.
  • 70% of Diabetics will die prematurely from Heart Attack or Stroke.
  • 100 million people will have a silent stroke.
  • One million people die each year from obesity related heath issues.

In this post you can listen to Dr. Carol Helerstein’s talk on heart health, and how EPX Body Cardio fits into your daily supplement regime to strengthen cardiovascular health and prevent heart disease.

Although this post got edited after the launch of the new enhanced Cardio formula, it’s still jam-packed with great heart health information to help you experience improved health and feeling of well-being by increasing your L-Arginine intake.

6. Smart People Feed Their Body What It Craves – Photonutrients And Antiodixants

In this post you will learn about the super food sea veg EPXbody Daily multi-nutritional supplement.

With 90% of supplements on the market being synthetics, EPXbody Daily is a very healthy whole food and 100% all-natural alternative for all your family.

This post mainly featured the lab test produced by Greg Sumner, Master’s World Powerlifting Champion and Recipient of Oregon’s Fitness Leadership Award and trainer of world-class athletes. Thanks man for the great information and entertainment!!!

Greg’s video shows us that the whole food EPX Body Daily is an alive super food after he measured the potential hydrogen and oxidation reduction potential to prove that it really does feed your body.

It’s worth noting that two of my EPX Body Daily sea veg posts remain highly popular reads:
The Best Things About Sea Lettuce (Green Laver, Ulva lactuca)
Seaweed Kills 80% of Lung Cancer Cells and Reduces Risk in Humans Says New Study

7. Facts You Should Know About EPXbody Keto Shake

In this post you will learn that EPXbody Keto Shake is the perfect meal replacement shake for anyone whose primary goal is to lose weight and get in shape.

Factoid: Epxbody Keto Shake is a natural chocolate flavored meal replacement shake that is packed with nutrients including: a potent whole food blend, digesting enzymes, healthy omegas, top-of -the-line whey protein, as well as some fiber, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats to provide long-lasting satiety and helps reset the metabolism – making it a complete and satisfying meal replacement.

When taking the Keto Shake together with DetoxPlus tea and SlimFibre as part of the Dick Gregory 8 Day Metabolism Reset Plan you can boost your metabolism and see results. Many people are losing 8 pounds in 8 days following the menu plan.
Dick Gregory 8 day metabolism reset program

Monetizing EPX Body Products With Leverage And Part Time Network Marketing Career

As mentioned at the start of this post, I said that I would show you how to make extra income with the EPXbody Home Based Business Opportunity.

Some of the popular reasons why millions of people start a home business is to take advantage of the tax breaks, take control of their personal finances, or to gain more time freedom to pursue their dreams, further their education, spend it with their loved ones or whatever is their driving force.

In today’s economy having a Plan B has become almost a necessity, not just to survive but to live a fulfilling lifestyle.

Even if you love your 9-to-5 job and would not quit if given the option, it still makes smart financial sense to start a home based business that generates residual income. If you don’t, then you are needlessly throwing thousands of your own money down the drain.

In a short series of posts highlighted below, I covered a few key ways to immediately take advantage of tax breaks by running a virtual home business from your smart phone, mobile device or desktop. You can be up and running and making savings and earning extra income within minutes!

8. How To Turn Your Business Expenses Into Tax Deductions With Taxbot

In this post you will learn about the tax savings and advantages that come with starting a One80 virtual home based business – a business in a box!

One80 (also know as EPX180) has several parts.

In short, One80 is an umbrella product for:
– Taxbot
– VIPdeals discount shopping with U.S.A’s largest buying club
– Restaurant.com $25 gift certificate.
– Training/autoresponder/contact management system & lead capture pages.
– Surf Exchange
– Futures Trading Room
– 4X
– Tax Leins Training

One80 brings extra value to some existing technologies in much the same way that Apple didn’t invent the cell phone, instead they first built upon existing technology to push the envelope and create an entirely new class of product – and look where that took them!

It is worth mentioning my 5 part Taxbot series that focused on “MLM tax tips” for solopreneurs and network marketers. They were jam-packed with valuable nuggets of tax saving information direct from the tax experts themselves. Priceless info!!

  1. Get FREE Gas for Your Car
  2. Business Meals That Make You Money
  3. Double Your Fun with Entertainment Deductions
  4. Home Office: A Tax Deduction Goldmine
  5. Sample Your Way to Success

So there you have it. The prospects for growth as an EPXbody distributor are very positive. There are many great products, nutrition or virtual, to build your EPX home business around. Join me and become part of my inner circle and together we can win, succeed in life, and help others reach their potential too.

Let’s Get Your EPXbody Network Marketing Career Started!

To get your network marketing career started, sign up as an EPXbody Independent Distributor today and I’ll connect with you when your details appear in my back office… or use the pop up message box to reach out to connect. Either way, nothing happens or changes in your life until you take ACTION!

PS: If you are still sitting on the fence about starting a network marketing career, check out my recent and popular post called “How To Start A Home Business In Five Easy Steps“. What’s more, you’ll find the video about parasites is very educational, but don’t have nightmares!!

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