ann sieg the attraction marketers manifestoAnn Sieg, author of the famous book The Renegade Network Marketer which earned her over $3 million in sales, released a special 72-page report titled, The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto, for the person looking to join a network marketing business, or start any kind of home business.

The Attraction Marketers ManifestoThis 72-page report especially appeals to anyone operating an online mlm business, but the valuable information it contains is applicable to any kind small business what ever the products or services being promoted.

Ann starts out by saying, “More than ever, people realize that job security is an illusion. Over 11 million Americans are out of work and are desperately looking for ways to make money NOW.

There’s never been more interest in starting up a home business.

And the people who are going to benefit the most from this massive migration are going to be those who have learned how to attract business to them.

So my first goal with this report is to help you see how attraction marketing fits into the bigger picture, as well as how to get started immediately if you’re a complete beginner. I also have some very exciting news for you if you’ve been looking for a more paint-by-numbers approach to your business.

Secondly, I’m going to help you quickly ‘scale up’ your marketing once you have a good grasp of the basics.”

Ann Sieg then starts off her report claiming “A Simple Plan For Attracting Dozens Of New Retail Customers A Month – With Or Without The Internet”, and having read the entire ebook I have to agree with her promise.

Ann Sieg then tells her network marketing story of how she was achieving poor results in her home business and went in search of answers. It was while she was searching for a better way that she discovered a revolutionary marketing concept by accident. She had begun doing “how to” demonstrations and started teaching others to do the same, and that’s when the idea of solving people’s problems really took off online.

“People came up to me afterwards and thanked me for how incredibly helpful my information was. There was no pressure, I hardly talked about my products at all and I didn’t even ask anyone to buy!”

“This is what I had always wanted but could never get before when I was trying to force people to see how awesome my products were.”

“But as soon as I stopped pitching them and started genuinely teaching them about how they could solve their problems – without always having a hidden agenda – everything changed.”

Truth be told, if you want to expand your retail business, or market a product, service or opportunity online it had previously been a very challenging thing for any marketer to achieve.

Ann Sieg’s excellent report reveals that her SIMPLE and PROVEN two word secret formula for sales success can easily explode your profits to mind blowing levels. Simply put: Teaching Sells.

Far fetched? Not at all. Prospects and customers flock to those who demonstrate that they’re knowledgeable about a subject – that allows you to effortlessly sell massive quantities of any product or service, in any industry.

Ann’s point is that creating sales – whether from promoting a physical product, business service or sponsoring new reps for a network marketing business – is no longer about attending meetings or seminars, buying leads, belly to belly prospecting, 3-ways or pestering family and friends to join your business.

Interestingly enough, it is also not about online ebooks, webinars, lead capture pages, marketing funnels, apps or any of that other complicated Internet Marketing guru stuff.

Here’s Ann Sieg’s big success secret…

Everyone who is having success (making the big money) attracting people to them are all teaching others how to do something.

“Every good marketing or lead generation system has one thing in common. At their core, no matter how complicated they may seem or how many bells and whistles they have, what makes them all work is an educational/instructional message of some sort that is offered to people in exchange for their money or their contact info.”

Truthfully, Ann really hits the nail on the head describing what separates the successful network marketer from the unsuccessful network marketer. Believe it or not, this one key lesson makes the difference between you earning $1,000’s per month or just a few hundred dollars per month: “when you deliver a message to someone you can either pitch them or you can teach them. Pitching is out. Teaching is in.”

“This doesn’t mean that you never tell people about your product or opportunity. It just means you have to earn the right to ‘pitch’ them, if you want to call it that, by building a relationship first.”

One thing’s for sure, non-stop shameless pitching just doesn’t work as well (if at all) these days, it’s become too unattractive and people simply tune out without ever reading your sales message. The fact is, this is what most network marketers are still being taught by their uplines, they are being set up for failure even before they have begun! Incredible as it might seem, the network marketing industry has no clue on how to do marketing!!!

What it boils down to is this, people are searching for information to solve a problem and resonate better with the kind of people who are into teaching and helping others. This fits exactly with Ann’s marketing philosophy of leading with a teaching emphasis so as to become the trusted expert… and I can testify from my own personal experiences following Ann’s lessons, that educational marketing is actually easier to do than you could ever imagine.

Ann Sieg points out, “The fact is, if you’re not taking advantage of the internet right now – or more importantly, if you’re not educating your audience – you’re losing customers, prospects and existing downline members to those who are (whether you or your upline realizes it or not.”)

“The internet has made this power available to anyone – for free. Now even the most inexperienced newbie on the tightest shoe-string budget can implement large-scale marketing techniques that used to cost thousands of dollars – techniques that were basically ‘off limits’ to the average person 10-20 years ago.”

One more vitally important point Ann makes, and I have to agree: “Your job is to become a producer and distributor of information. You’re not in the (fill in the blank) business, you’re in the INFORMATION business.”

So let me summarize and review what The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto report covers…

The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto contains valuable information that can only be found in the report, including strategies for implementation of Ann’s marketing blue print based on content and information marketing – simple stuff that even newbies can follow and do!

The full report also includes many case studies, examples, and a proven strategy to generate income using information products that can then be used to fund your “up-scaled” marketing strategies, enabling you produce many more highly qualified leads/prospects for free.

Bottom line, The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto is a “Definitive Guide” to rapidly growing ANY online business. Ann’s report will certainly help “de-mystify the whole attraction marketing/lead generation thing to show you that there’s nothing complicated or fancy about online marketing.

Her two word formula works exceptionally well no matter what retail product, service or mlm opportunity you are marketing. Because at the end of the day, what most people really want is a quick fix solution that doesn’t require a lot of time and energy (aka – a product).

Once you have a good grasp of the basics, as well as how to get started immediately if you’re a complete beginner, The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto will help you quickly “scale up” your marketing efforts to new levels of unlimited income.

“Personally, I like Ann’s style of teaching, she uses a more paint-by-numbers approach to your business so that everyone can get it and then easily implement it…even the non techies and beginners!!”

Stated a little differently – the amazing results and profits achieved by those who have already positioned themselves as a teacher, an information marketer, provides us with a very strong argument to why it’s the best modern marketing approach for building ANY business online. Producing lead-generation content is better than having a license to print money!

The simple truth is, implementing Ann’s proven two word formula (Teaching Sells) will help you establish trustworthy credibility and implied expert status, you’ll literally become the go-to “knowledge resource” that will automatically make people want to follow you and buy the stuff you recommend. Thousands of people are already doing it, why can’t you?

With that said, if there was one thing I wish I’d learned when I first got started in network marketing, it would have been this: How to have pre-qualified, highly-interested prospects come to ME. Now that I know which course, program and system will help build my business, I’ve been able to steadily grow my mlm team and make affiliate sales of products/tools/information products virtually every day. Even if people don’t join my mlm opportunity, I’m still going to get the sale and their business… and maybe they’ll join my opportunity at a later date too! 🙂

Ann Sieg’s unparalleled 72 page report with case studies and paint-by-numbers style marketing blueprint is available FREE to download!

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The Attraction Marketers Manifesto

Written by Ollie
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