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There’s a lot of buzz going on right now over the reincarnation of the PHP Movement and the new leads source.

Indeed, I was very impressed listening to Bambi Lathrop do a live call session while she phoned a batch of new PHP leads supplied by her lead generation company (Opportunity Connections).

There are two kinds of PHP Leads you can purchase in the EPX Body back office.

($7) 2 Interviewed / Address Verified Leads
($75) 10 Custom Interviewed Leads called on your Behalf

Note: You also need to purchase the Credits ($5/ea) to send out the Nutri-thin samples, DVD and info pack to each of your prospects once you have approved them in your EPXBody back office.

My 2 cents… If your budget can stretch to it, I  feel you would see better value for your marketing dollars and have more responsive prospects choosing the Custom Interviewed Leads. But it really depends on what resources you have as to which option you choose. Go for it!

#Tip As an alternative purchasing leads, with over a Billion people on Facebook you are never likely to be short of quality people to talk to. It’s just a question of having scripts to follow so that you can ask all the right success questions for quick and easy (and rejection free) prospecting. Plus it’s free and works worldwide. Yes, I’m a convert to the Max Method to find customers and business builders, but each to their own preferred method of marketing! 🙂

PHP Leads Training (Listen in to Live Dials)
– Call 1 Replay (07.18.2013)

PHP Leads Training (Listen in to Live Dials)
– Call 2 Replay (07.23.2013)

PHP Leads Training (Listen in to Live Dials)
– Call 3 Replay (07.25.2013)

The script that’s similar to the one Bambi used can be found in your EPX Body back office under the 90 Day Plan of Action icon.

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