This spectacular and colorful Kalanchoe plant sits on my living room windowsill. It has tiny clusters of red flowers which always look very beautiful in the sunlight.

Flaming Katy Kalanchoe

This variety Kalanchoe plant is very easy to keep. Even if you don’t look after them well they still continue to thrive. My Kalanchoe plant is 7 years of age and is still going strong.

Kalanchoes do look a little like cacti but they’re not. They are succulents related to the jade plant. In fact, there are more than 125 species of the kalanchoe plant and it is cultivated all over the world, but is native to Madagascar, where different species range from just 4 inches tall to tree-sized. Kalanchoe plants have very long-lasting vivid flower clusters and come in a myriad of colors ranging from white to orange, pink and red.

The small flower heads are grouped in clusters of many flowers. They perch on top of long thin stems and can bloom continuously for 4-8 weeks. The leaves are green and succulent but break off very easily. The Kalanchoe plant is very adaptable and can tolerate different levels of light and sun, but it prefers indirect sun light because if it receives too much sun exposure the leaves will dry out.

Hope you like it!

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Written by Ollie

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