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Did you know that roughly 400 million tons of man-made toxic chemicals are produced worldwide each year? There are over 80,000 toxins, many of which are contributing a toxic overload in our bodies.

We do not even know the basic toxicity data on 86% of the 2,700 most marketed chemicals , or what negative impact to our health they might cause with long-term exposure.

detox for familiesPolluted Environment

We all live in an increasingly polluted environment that is negatively affecting our health. Pollution and toxins are in the air, food and water that enters our body and becomes stored there and in fat cells.

While we are all well aware of the damage that pollutants can cause to the environment in terms of global warming or chemical accidents, somehow we don’t make as much fuss when it comes to our own toxic build up within our bodies. Most of the time we fail to realize that the build up of all these toxins are behind internal damage and are causing us to age prematurely or leading to disease.

Toxins In The Body

Each year, the average person consumes over 14 pounds of food chemicals and additives. That means that over the course of a normal lifespan, we consume more than 1,000 pounds of food chemicals and additives.

Also, toxins are found in water and foods that have become contaminated by common insecticides and pollutants such as DDE and the PCB’s found in food packaging. Many of these toxic chemicals end up being stored in your body and fat cells.

What’s more, only 5% of pesticides reach target weeds and the rest runs off into water and goes into the air we breathe. It’s easy to see why pollution affects every one of us.

Toxic Overload

Many of these toxic compounds end up being stored in human fat tissue that surround your vital organs, in the compacted waste that clings to the walls of our intestines, in your liver, kidneys, lungs and skin.

While your body has the ability to detoxify, often it becomes so overloaded that it becomes less able to excrete these harmful toxins. This toxic build up can create permanent organ damage, damage to healthy cells, lead to a weakened immune system, or make you become more susceptible to disease. As a result your body is under constant stress —in other words, you have a toxic overload! …And if you body is kept out of balance for a long stretch of time, sooner or later, you’ll get sick.

detox teaOptimizing Health

The body is a great healer if it’s given the right tools and nutrition it needs to stay in excellent health and maintain balance. So take ACTION today!!

  • Become aware of what you put in your body. Cut out or dramatically cut consumption of refined foods and beverages that are processed and have poor nutritional value.
  • Believe that being healthy and active well into old age is possible and that illness and disease do not have to be part of living.
  • Take control of your health and fight the toxic overload  by using nutritional supplements to optimize and protect your body from free radicals and premature ageing.
    I recommend EPXbody Daily as it’s loaded with organic compounds that are extremely necessary for proper cell health.
  • Strengthen your immune system against immune related conditions caused by pollution such as allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue (ME) and arthritis to name a few.
    I recommend EPXbody Immune as the three ingredients work synergistically to prevent infections and kill pathogens – creating a highly efficient formula for immune system protection beyond what each of the ingredients could do on its own.
  • Regularly detox your system. As we are exposed to more and more pollutants, our bodies need help in cleansing these toxins and by-products from refined foods.
    I recommend EPXbody Detox herbal tea and to make other lifestyle changes.

Naturally Detoxify and Lose Weight Effortlessly with EPXbody Detox Herbal Tea

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STEP TWO – Cleanse Your Toxic Overload With Herbal Tea

100% Organic herbal Detox TeaPrepare your Detox Tea to taste.

Directions: (To make 1 gallon of desired beverage)
– Bring a quart of desired beverage to a full rolling boil.
– Remove from heat.
– Place 2 tea bags in and cover ( 2 tea bags = 1 gallon)
– Let STEEP for at least 4 to 8 hours (This brings herbs to full potency)
– Add back into desired beverage
– Add sweetner or lemon for desired taste
– Refrigerate

Recommended Usage:
– Drink one 8oz. glass with lunch
– Drink one 8oz. glass with dinner
– Drink one 4 oz. glass with snacks
After drinking the gallon of tea, save the tea bags, dry the tea herbs, and simply add to any food: soups, spaghetti, stews, salads, potatoes, etc.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT MICROWAVE the water or the tea. Excessive heat will destroy the important enzymes in the tea.

WARNING: Detox tea has cathartic herbs; pregnant and nursing mothers, the elderly, children, and people suffering from illness or health condition should consult with a health care professional prior to using this or any herbal supplement.

STEP THREE – Lose Weight

If you are using the Detox tea to also aid weight loss then download the EPX Body Lose 5 lbs in 5 Days Healthy Eating Guide and follow the easy plan.

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