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city link collapsesWhen I turned the telly on during Christmas Day there was no escaping the media headlines that City Link had gone into administration, and that 1,000’s of employees will be laid off.

I feel for all the employees and their families, it devastated their Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. It will heap misery and hardship upon many, especially the small army of self-employed owner drivers who worked through December, took all the risk and incurred expenses. They will receive no payment or be entitled to any statutory redundancy payment either. Life just fell off a cliff for many of them.

But here’s the thing, there is no such thing as job security. 

When you are an employee you are putting your own destiny and your security into the hands of someone else. You are also betting your income on good management. A boss, or board, has the power to ruin your life with one major decision. It is a harsh lesson that many City Link employees just learned on the sharp end. Companies can and do fail.

Even so, many big companies that are well-managed and profitable are still shedding jobs globally. They will continue to do so as they consolidate and restructure to stay competitive and keep investors happy.

Having a job doesn’t give you full security. Not only that, a job keeps you locked in a cubical prison with a chain around your neck, tantalizing you with incremental increases in pay and job title.

To me, it is unwise to have only one source of income, and that one source coming from a job that you do not control or really have ANY say with. Until you choose to take control of your own destiny and create your own economy, you will forever be locked into that prison.

Those that let go of their anger and bitterness towards City Link’s management will have the philosophy that change is good, and without change, there is no growth. While getting laid off is never a boon for anyone’s career, it can still turn out to be a very positive learning experience.

optionsBeing laid off creates OPTIONS, like giving you the opportunity to start your own online home business… and even if you are not one of the City Link masses getting the axe on New Year’s Eve, having an extra income stream is most certainly a very smart thing to have these days.

In fact, starting your own home business online need not cost you a lot. My company is in the health and nutrition industry, and it costs less than £40 per month to be in business. That start-up cost is peanuts compared to starting a traditional brick and mortar business, and we have a far more profitable business model too.

However, aligning yourself with a network marketing company does NOT guarantee you have full security either,  they can close their doors too, but having an additional income is most certainly a very smart move. Our opportunity not only has a minimum cheque guarantee, but also a minimum income guarantee. Now that’s what smart people call low risk!

Right now we’re looking looking for open minded people to help in building up a successful business. It can be worked flexibly around your current commitments.

If you want more, please reach out to me so I can share with you how we can partner together so you can live life as it should be. You can visit my EPXbody opportunity page and watch some of the videos. There’s never been a better time to take control of your destiny, take action TODAY!

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Written by Ollie
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