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Everyone needs a side home business these days, and not just because there’s no such thing as a guaranteed 9-to-5 job for life, but because having a home business is a smart move just for the tax breaks that you are entitled too.

Many people are unaware of just how much they can legally, morally, and ethically write off against their taxes. It can amount to hundreds of Dollars per month and result in thousands being saved yearly. If you don’t have a home business, then now is the perfect time to start thinking about starting one. In fact, you are losing a lot of money by not having one.

If you had a real estate business, for example, you could qualify for some simple tax breaks that could easily put $10,000 cash in your pocket this year no matter how much money you make. But not everyone wants to become a real estate agent because of the learning curve involved. Many people seek something a little easier that can be done online part-time.

And that’s where the O2Worldwide comes in. O2Worldwide is an opportunity that includes TaxBot and many other products with an affordable price point of entry starting at $15.00.


· Retail Customer Bonus
· Fast Start Bonus
· Two Team Pay
· Matching Bonus
· Car Bonus & Other K Club Prizes

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Taxbot is an amazing business tax tracking and training software and phone app for IBO’s who need to keep track of their expenses and maximize tax deductions… With Taxbot alone the average yearly savings is $2000, so for most people with O2Worldwide it will save 10 times more than the business cost.

It can be used anywhere in the world and is IRS/CPA compliant in the U.S. and Canada. It’s perfect for tracking all kinds of business expenses such as home office, entertainment, meals, business travel etc., and the Google Maps integrated GPS Mileage tracker makes tracking business miles effortless. You can store all your receipts in the cloud to make tax reporting easy.

Taxbot will also help ensure your records are bulletproof against an IRS or Canada Revenue Agency audit.

TaxBot offers so much more than just being a phone app or web software, it also provides helpful Tax Tips on how to get Targeted Tax Breaks for your home business and keep more of your money with tax breaks.

With the system, you also receive access to the exclusive online training library with tons of IRS secrets from North America’s Nr. 1 Tax Expert, Sandy Botkin, CPA, ESQ & former IRS Agent Trainer. He’ll show you how to…

How to get free gas for your car?
TaxBot will show you that if you track your vehicle usage properly and with some planning ahead you can get your gas essentially for net zero cost!

How to turn meals into money?
It’s true! With a little foreknowledge and planning, you can turn your meals into tax deductions.

How to claim a home office
TaxBot will show you how to qualify for a home office that will save you $1,000’s every year!

How to deduct medical expenses?
Learn how a self-insured medical reimbursement plan can put healthy returns in the bank!

…And much much more!!

How TaxBot Makes Business Trips A Tax Write Off. Saving 54.5 CENTS Per Mile!

TaxBot Highlights: Mobile/Web Based Platform + Phone App

· Tax Tips with TaxBot

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Tip #1 – Get FREE Gas for Your Car
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Tip #5 – Sample Your Way to Success

So there you have it. This is affordable to everyone and pays for itself in savings made starting day one!

O2Worldwide is on a mission to help people turn their life around and conquer their financial struggles by:

Providing tools, benefits, and education to help start a successful leveraged business.

The O2Worldwide Product suite is designed to help you take advantage of the emerging health trends and at the same time make sure you are able to take advantage of the benefits and tax benefits of owning your own business.

If you have ever wanted to finally make a difference in your life & the lives of others you have the chance to do so today.

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