Today I want to talk to you about turning your beliefs into breakthroughs…

beliefs breakthroughs -networking timesThis morning I was flipping through the July/August preview issue of Networking Times magazine and came across the introduction paragraphs to a forthcoming article about turning beliefs into BREAKTHROUGHS, through self-empowerment and the three A’s… AwareAcceptActions.

Now, this got me thinking about my inspiring thought for today… transforming your life with the power of an unshakable belief to create your destiny.

Manifestation is joyous when you know how to break through the mental roadblocks that stand in your way. Ecstasy comes from realizing your goals—whether it is experiencing a life-changing result from using a NWM product, getting your first sale, signing your first recruit, seeing your first residuals cheque, hitting a new rank, expanding into a new international market or just serving the world and empowering others to reach their dream.

If you feel stuck in your life, simple obstacles in your mind may be preventing you from creating what you want. I am always astounded by how VERY capable people are just THIS close to success but choose to quit for some lame excuse.

Their limiting beliefs may arise from not believing they can successfully navigate the rocky road ahead, or in their own abilities, or in the “WHAT IF” possibilities. Maybe deep down their WHY is just not strong enough, or they just run out of prospects to talk to about their opportunity.

We all face obstacles of some kind while in the manifestation process—the trick is learning how to handle challenges as they arise and turn them into opportunities, and not let them stop you in your tracks.

I believe that determination and persistence come from an unshakable belief in what you are involved with, with whom you share the journey, and how it can impact others. With unshakable belief, nothing can stop us. It’s all there for each of us to make it…

Change the conversation that’s going on in your head from what you believe you could do. Just believe in yourself, get on with it and grab what’s yours.

So that’s it for this episode, I hope hearing this might encourage you to try new things. The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have. Don’t let it be yours.

So over to you. Feel free to share this with anyone that should hear this, and would love to see your comment below…

To your success!

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