It is estimated that we are exposed to over 4000 different chemicals, toxins, and pollutants every single day. These harmful by-products – along with processed foods, nutrient poor diet, some modern medicines, and a stressful, busy lifestyle – can take a toll on the body.

The process of nutritional cleansing removes environmental impurities and replenishes your body with the optimum balance of nutrients…thereby giving the body the fuel it needs to naturally return to optimum and maximum health, allowing you to achieve your ultimate health and lifestyle goals.

There are a range of reported benefits of nutritional cleansing, including:

– Assistance in reaching and maintaining optimum weight
– Dramatic weight loss and reduction of the abdomen
– Improved digestion and bowel function
– Internal cleansing of liver, kidneys, colon, and blood cells
– Healthy levels of blood pressure and cholesterol
– Clearer, healthier, younger-looking skin
– More energy and better concentration
– Increased resistance to diseases
– Feeling energized and regaining optimum health
– And much more!

What Does it Feel Like to be Toxic?

Cleansing and detoxification are integral parts of restoring balance to the body and keeping it operating optimally. Our body’s natural detoxification systems (largely the digestive system, liver and kidneys) are constantly working to cleanse our bodies. But problems can occur due to system or organ failure or simply
toxic overload.

Although detoxification is ongoing in the body, toxins and stress can hinder the optimal functioning of our natural systems, which can eventually distress other systems throughout our body and manifest in a variety of symptoms.

If you are experiencing several of these symptoms, it may be evidence that you have a build up of toxins in your system. Herbal cleansing and detoxification have long been used as natural, effective ways to restore balance to the body, achieve and maintain optimal health, and prevent disease.

Here are some common signs of toxic overload.

– Feeling tired or having trouble sleeping
– Trouble concentrating or staying focused
– Feelings of depression or irritability
– Frequent mood changes
– Chronic headaches
– Recurrent joint or back pain
– Allergies and/or food sensitivities
– Skin problems like acne, psoriasis, eczema
– Unpleasant body odor or bad breath
– Frequent gas, bloating, or indigestion
– Constipation or irregular bowel movements
– Lowered tolerance to fatty food
– Loss of appetite
– Weight gain and trouble losing weight
– Frequent colds or sinus congestion
– Breast soreness
– Frequent yeast infection

All-Natural Herbal Cleanse and Detox

EPXbody Detox Plus tea

EPX Body Detox Plus Tea

Body cleansing is the process of ridding the body of the unwanted or unhealthy toxins that accumulate within us. It is a natural remedy for rejuvenating the body. Although the cleansing or detox process can be done in several different ways, ideal methods are all-natural and do not add to the body’s toxic burden.

Herbal detox uses medicinal herbs, such as the ones in EPX Body Detox, to naturally clear the body of accumulated toxins and waste and bring it back into balance. Once cleansed and restored to proper functioning, you will want to sustain the body’s natural ability to effectively remove toxins daily.

If you are serious about body cleansing and detoxification, a continued, multiple-step process is recommended that incorporates periodic systems-targeted cleansing and/or detox, a diet of all natural foods, adequate hydration, herbal supplementation, regular physical activity, and lifestyle change.

All-natural EPX Body Detox is formulated to effectively and gently cleanse, detoxify, and restore balance to the whole body. The 100% organic, caffeine-free herbal tea is a special blend of safe, all-natural ingredients designed to purify your body by cleansing out toxins, impurities, and other unwanted rubbish that has accumulated over time.

Persimmon Leaf

Persimmon Leaf tea is a staple in traditional Chinese medicine to treat sickness and ailments. Scientific research has shown that it promotes a healthy metabolism and can help alleviate digestive problems and dermatitis. Its long term consumption has shown to reduce high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, high blood lipids, and fatty lipid cells.

Holy Thistle

A powerful antioxidant, Holy Thistle (also called Milk Thistle) has been used medicinally for over 2000 years to cleanse the body and as a remedy for a variety of ailments. Because of its anti-inflammatory effects and immune-boosting properties, the herb is used for stomach and digestive problems, can strengthen the heart, is good for the lungs and kidneys, and can alleviate chronic headaches.

Malva Leaf

One of the oldest medicinal plants in the world, the Malva plant has anti-inflammatory properties and has been used for centuries to relieve gastrointestinal, urinary tract, and respiratory system problems and discomfort.

Blessed Thistle

Blessed Thistle (also called Spotted Thistle) has a long history as a medicinal herb and is used to alleviate gastrointestinal complaints. It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Marsh Mallow Leaf

The Marsh Mallow herb has been used for centuries as a traditional medicine for its immune-boosting and mild anti-infective properties. It soothes and supports the stomach, intestines, and respiratory tract.


Papaya extract is commonly used to help aid digestion, boost immune function, and offer anti-aging benefits. It has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and promotes cardiovascular health.


Due to its immune boosting properties, Ginger is a common herbal remedy for colds, flu, congestion, nausea, and headaches. It also has potent anti-inflammatory properties and alleviates digestive upsets.


A natural anti-inflammatory, Chamomile is a common herbal remedy to soothe chronic gastrointestinal problems. It is also effective in treating inflammation, muscle pain, spasms, and as a relaxant.


In traditional Chinese medicine, Myrrh is said to have special efficacy on the heart, liver, and spleen meridians. It has also been shown to have a positive effect on cholesterol levels.

Honeybush Tea

Contains many minerals essential to good health. Naturally sweet. Helps with coughs. High in vitamins and antioxidants. Greatly assists in balancing blood sugar, and is another immune system booster.

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea may relieve nagging headaches, insomnia, asthma, eczema and allergies. Low in tannins. Also assists in boosting the body’s immune system. Greatly assists in balancing blood sugar.


Sustain the Benefits of a Detox Diet

A detox diet (also called cleansing diet) is designed to remove toxins from the body and allow it to focus on self-healing. It is not intended for weight loss or to cure disease, but instead focuses on removing barriers to good health and enabling the systems in our body to run more efficiently.

There are many types of detox diets; however, the good ones involve eating pure, natural foods – such as dark, leafy green vegetables – that support the body’s natural ability to rid itself of toxins, and eliminating foods – such as processed foods and beverages – that contain potentially harmful substances. Overall food intake is usually reduced, and the diet itself is generally short-term (3 to 21 days).

To keep your systems running smoothly once you have completed a detox diet, you need to avoid constipation by eating foods rich in fiber and supplementing with cathartic herbs, which are found in EPX Body Detox. It is also important to get enough fluid by drinking plenty of water or herbal teas. Regular bowel movements are essential for flushing toxins out of the body and preventing them from being reabsorbed into the bloodstream.

For more than twenty years and based on research and clinical use, tens of thousands of people around the world have been able to regain control of their lives thanks to this unique herbal tea blend. Enjoy the natural cleansing effects of medicinal herbs like Holy Thistle (also known as Milk Thistle), which has been used for centuries to cleanse the body, along with immune boosting Ginger and Papaya and healthful botanicals like Persimmon Leaf, Chamomile, and Malva Leaf among others.

Achieving and Maintaining Your Ideal Weight

You can have major health problems, including relentless weight gain and serious difficulty losing and maintaining weight loss, if your body is burdened with toxic overload and being robbed of essential nutrients.

Improper food absorption causes people to lack nutrients their body needs, including essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and even water. It can also lead to weight gain since our bodies instinctively increase food consumption in order to replenish vital nutrients. Unfortunately, if your body is in this predicament, it has a harder time judging how much food (as well as the type of food) it actually requires to satisfy nutritional needs.

All-too-often, this leads to a vicious cycle of persistent feelings of hunger, unrelenting cravings, poor food choices, and chronic overeating of high calorie, high fat but low nutritious foods and beverages. In addition to slowing your digestive system and metabolism, a poor diet high in saturated fats and carbohydrates, can sap you of your energy and willpower to eat healthy and exercise.

If you want to lose weight naturally, we recommend EPX Body Detox. It is much more effective than Chinese Green Tea and can help you safely and rapidly shed excess pounds and improve your overall health. Including the 100% organic herbal tea as regular part of a healthy diet has been shown to lead to significant weight-loss. Many people are able to lose 5 pounds in 5 days drinking the tea.

Weight Loss and Herbal Colon Cleansing

Very few of us realize how much waste we are packing around with us in our intestines. From time to time, is it a good idea to rid your body of this buildup of toxins with a natural colon cleanse. Not only will you feel better, you will look better too. A natural colon cleanse with medicinal herbs can help your body get back in balance by cleansing out toxins, impurities, and other unwanted rubbish that has accumulated over time. Once restored to its natural, healthy state, your colon will continue to flush out toxins daily that contribute to weight problems.

The waste buildup in your intestines not only hinders the absorption of nutrients and electrolytes through the intestinal wall, it also fosters harmful bacteria growth. If left unchecked, the bad bacteria in your intestines can overpower the good bacteria whose job it is to help with digestion and food absorption. A lack of nutrient absorption as well as a proliferation of harmful bacteria can cause numerous health related issues (including weight gain or trouble losing weight). Moreover, delaying the passing of waste and toxins can lead to serious health problems.

What’s more, excess weight around the abdomen or belly can be caused by impacted waste stuck to the inside wall of the colon and small intestine. When this is the case, no amount of exercise or dieting can shrink the size of your abdomen.

EPX Body Detox provides a simple, proven herbal colon cleansing solution. Regular use can result in a reduction of stored fat in the body and a significant decrease in the size of the abdomen or belly. By cleansing your digestive system, you can restore proper nutrient absorption, increase your metabolism and energy, and bolster your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

What is EPX Body?

EPX Body was founded with the vision of teaching people that your past does not have to equal your future. You have control over your health and wealth…and now with EPX Body you can have the vehicle to reach your goals.

EPX is short for Epigenetics. Science has shown that with proper nutrition, diet, and exercise, you can improve your genetics and the genetics of generations to follow. Not only are we confident that our products can change your health, but we also know there is an urgent need for people to improve their financial health as well. Our mission is to impact peoples’ health and wealth positively by providing them with the best nutritional products, diet and exercise information, as well as all the tools and training needed to build a successful home-based business.

There’s a better way to live, and people all over the world are discovering it. Now you can too… join EPX Body today.

EPX Body DetoxTry EPX Body Detox. Clinically tested and proven all-natural herbal tea. Bring your body back into balance and lose weight naturally.
Through the process of nutritional body cleansing, EPX Body Detox herbal tea provides the body with the nutrients it needs to get back in balance and restore itself to its natural state. The 100% organic, caffeine-free herbal tea is a special blend of safe, all-natural ingredients formulated to effectively and gently cleanse, detoxify, and restore balance to the whole body.

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If you’re considering cleansing or detoxing, it is important to consult with your medical care provider before you start. Many cleanses and detox methods are generally not recommended or safe for pregnant or nursing women or people with certain health conditions (such as anemia, diabetes, and kidney disease) without the supervision of a medical care professional.


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