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This is a great question! Although these results are extraordinary, some customers have put much more back in their pocket each month using this system and we believe you can too.

In today’s global economy nothing is guaranteed. But what if failure was not an option? What would you do with life changing RESIDUAL income? How would your life be different and how serious would you be about making it happen?

EPX180 Save Money Make MoneyNow you can join the only Company that has a money back guarantee… A minimum check guarantee… An income guarantee (If you’re not making 1000.00 a month in 6 months you get your money back)… A guaranteed results Company co-op to get your sign ups for you… And finally a virtual product that SAVES you money instead of costs you money!!

This is very powerful. What’s more, it doesn’t compete with any other business because everyone needs the Tax Bot program to track their business deductions and everyone loves to save on things they already buy every day including their groceries.

This company lets you maximize the entire pay plan with just one product purchase per month and only 4 referrals. No hoops, no crazy qualifiers. It has a money back guarantee and an income guarantee. You can not lose.

With our Customer Acquisition Program (CAP) everyone can buy paid auto-ship customers. You no longer need to waste your marketing budget as your are guaranteed results. Failure is NOT an option this time. 🙂

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Everyone Needs A Side Business

We have a product EVERYONE needs. It SAVES you money. It tracks your tax expenses. It doesn’t compete with any other network marketing opportunity.

Now think about this. What does every business owner need, whether its a home based business, a fashion boutique or a health spa? CUSTOMERS!!! What smart business owner wouldn’t love to have auto-ship customers that create monthly residual income? Trivita made people fortunes with their business model, now it is YOUR turn!

When we buy these customers they go in our forced matrix. Now think about retention. Who would cancel a SAVINGS program that literally is putting money in their pocket just by being a member? Thousands of people are already trading 25.00 for 300.00 minimum back in their pocket.

Here’s Some Of The Amazing Savings Benefits:

Members can redeem One FREE $25 Restaurant.com gift certificate each month, which you can use at 14,000+ restaurants throughout the U.S.

TaxBotTaxbot :
– Snap pictures of receipts.
– GPS mileage tracking.
– IRS / CRA compliant expense tracking.
– Tax tips.
– All Your records stored in the cloud.
– Integrated with your bank.

EPX180 VIPdeals


EPX180 VIPdealsVIP Deals :
Shop Mobile, Shop Online, Shop Offline, Shop Local with tons of Discounts / Coupons / Local offers / Dining Discounts / Grocery

– Savings up to 50% off of Hotel Program
– Savings up to 50% off of Golf Access
– Savings up to 50% off of Ski & Snowboard
– Savings up to 50% off of Travel Packages
– Savings up to 50% off of Cruise Discounts
– Savings up to 50% off of Car Rentals
– Savings up to 50% off of Home and Garden
– Savings up to 50% off of Movie Discount
– Savings up to 50% off of Recreation and Entertainment
– Savings up to 50% off of Automotive Shopping
– Savings up to 50% off of Mobile Platform

EPX180 Opportunity

Business Side of Epx180
I’m sure you can find 4 people to SAVE MONEY and MAKE MONEY !
Just 4 friends and family …or buy your 4 paid autoship customers in our Guaranteed Results Customer Acquisition Co-op. There are 9 ways to get Paid with the comp plan !

If there was a way to earn half a million a month RESIDUAL INCOME how fast would you take action? Sign-up now and lock-in your position, start saving today and tell your contacts before they are telling you all about it, and how you can create MASSIVE cash flow for yourself.

Don’t waste time!
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