EPX Body UK 90-day Challenge

There’s a couple of the things I like about EPX Body, simplicity is one of them and doing things differently is the other.

EPX Body will pay EVERYONE who takes the 90-Day weight loss challenge.

EPXbody’s 90-day Challenge is truly an amazing opportunity for anyone looking to drop some weight, shrink waist size or burn off belly fat. So why not get paid for every pound you lose?

How Much Does EPX Body Pay You For The Weight You Lose?

Not only can you change your body and gain confidence in just 12 weeks by following this EPX plan but we will even pay you up to $10 for ever pound you lose.

Lose 30 Lbs get $180!
Lose 40 Lbs get $320!
Lose 50 Lbs get $500!!

EPX get paid to lose weight

Still not sure how monetize your weight loss..?

Let’s look at how this plays out after purchasing product. The results on IgniteMaxx (opens in new tab) are dramatic and people are going to ask you how you lost weight, so you might as well make extra money out of it too.

Here’s an 8 minute excerpt taken from a recent update call by our CEO. Listen to what he had to say about turning your personal weight loss goals into a ‘six figure’ annual residual income within two years…even when going at a snails pace.

Here’s How To Quickly Get Started On Your Personal 90 Day Challenge So You Can See For Yourself.

1) Visit EPX Body and select your product. Only one product is needed to take the 90-day challenge. Nevertheless, I recommend any of the following; IgniteMaxx and Detox (an enhanced version of Dr Miller’s Holy Tea!) or one of our combo packs depending on how much weight you have to lose. All products are only $44.95 for a full month supply.

Note: If you have a large amount of weight to lose and would like to speed up the process EPX Body also offers wonderful value packs for $99 that include everything EPX has to offer except the enhance product at an $80 saving.

2) After choosing your product, you are required to choose your start date. But don’t worry, you can get started on your 90-day challenge at any time.

3) You will then take before pictures on a scale with a current national newspaper to verify the date.

4) Submit your before pictures and challenge form via email, or if you prefer the old school way, by regular mail.

5) Take your EPX product for a full 90 days and use the helpful 90 Day Challenge guide included free with your weight loss challenge pack.

6) At the end of 90 days, take after pictures standing on the scale showing your losses with a current national news paper and EPX Body will pay you for the weight you lost!

It’s that simple!

Seriously, put some thought into this…

Everyone can be a winner in the
EPX Body 90-Day Challenge!

Get Started Today!


Note: The weight loss challenge is open to both EPX Body distributors and customers, and worldwide. The cost is the same either way and the EPX Body ‘business in a box’ comes with your product purchase FREE!! So now you can make even more money while you lose weight.



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