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epx body uk productsThis week EPX Body showed some great initiative by introducing the first special Testimonials call. After all, what others say about our products matters most!

Up until now most of EPX Body’s scheduled calls had focused on the products and the PHP Movement to support our marketing efforts, but it was so refreshing to hear the voices of many people telling their ‘real’ stories of the health benefits gained while taking EPX Body products.

As a Rep it’s hard to sing our own praises of EPX Body products, and it rarely works when we do. In a testimonial, we have a third party proof saying very positive things that we are not be able to.

EPX Body Testimonials therefore become immediate word-of-mouth marketing, and they do work amazing when credible (like ours all are). In fact they work very well indeed for spreading the word about EPX Body products. They also provide us Reps with the much-needed social proof that tips a wavering prospect into a paying customer. 🙂

Listen to what others are saying about EPX Body products here:

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Disclaimer: EPX Body Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



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