Attracting prospects while you sleep

Today I have a question for you… 

“Will you be in the 5% or the 95%?”

Curious? Watch the short video to learn more…

If you are coming up to retirement this ugly stat might resonate with you more than other people, especially if you find yourself in the 95% camp.

Retirement life would definitely be more cozy being part of the 5%, but it’s still a pretty scary stat because life is full of uncertainties that can flip your world upside down and into a living nightmare at any moment… an accident, being fired, pay cut, divorce etc. I used the short story of the two university graduates to illustrate a perfect example of what can happen when things don’t go as the plan.

Anyway, the take away message being…

“Doing things today can pay off later!”

So, don’t wait, take ACTION today!!

If you are a skeptic and want to turn into a believer, or if you want out of the rat race and achieve financial freedom, message me today to see if what we are doing is a fit for you… I’m looking for 5 more people who want to make their fortunes on the Internet while improving their health.  

Now for the geeky stuff!!

This slide-share was a test run to find a quick creation method that I find works best for me, but be a simple enough basic method to duplicate for those looking to make money online by using attraction marketing to generate more leads and sales for their online business.

As the attraction marketing guru’s would say, “make it part of the process.” So I did just that!

Being an ex graphic designer, I could have used high-end publishing software to create the slides with more pizzazz, but that wasn’t the object of the exercise.

The slides were created using Canva (free) which I love for quickly creating quote graphics for Facebook status updates. So I thought I’d try using the 16:9 presentation format template.

I cut the screen-share with commentary using the free Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) which you can download here.

It’s a cool bit of software, the guys at Elite Marketing Pro use it all the time to share marketing tips and inspiration with their members. With OBS, you can record and add commentary, screen share images, video, games, browsers, audio, whatever, and can even live stream to Facebook with the software. I’m at basic user level right now, but I learn fast! 🙂

A couple of OBS tips to save on tech frustration…

If you are using Windows 10, when you try to capture your Chrome browser and all you see is a black capture screen, then you need to go into your Chrome Settings > Advanced Settings > scroll down to System and deselect “use hardware acceleration when available.”

I found a good short OBS tutorial on YouTube by Mostly Tech that will get you up to speed on how easy OBS software is to get creating attraction marketing content with. The aim being, when you’ve become proficient to progress to doing live stream training’s and share other valuable content to help people move their home business forward.

That’s all for this attracting prospects blog post, but if you found value or know someone who needs this, then please “share” it.

If you are looking to start an online business with a blog and want to learn more about how attraction marketing can work for you, check out the free resources on my products page or you can learn more about it here via my boot camp.

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